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Updates. It's been a while.

Apologies that the website was down for a while. During a VERY busy period I didn't notice. Thank you to the keen observer who pointed it out. Obviously it's back up and running now. It's still rubbish, but it's somewhere I can post about Blue Light Hypnotherapy, and I can keep information up to date.

Others with a keen eye will notice that I have closed the Twitter account for @bluelighthypnosis. I wasn't using it much anyway, and I really don't like the direction that website is going in (calling it 'X' for a start). I remain present (but not always terribly active) on Facebook. There is an Instagram account, but I don't post anywhere near as much as I could. 'Could do better,' as my favourite school teacher would say in most of my report cards.

Keep well.

Peace and love


Blue Light Hypnotherapy

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