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Introducing Peanut!

Recently I had a really good talk with Celia Griver at Blossom Hypnotherapy ( I did some of my training with Celia, and she's an excellent therapist. She's given me some great tips about how to move Blue Light Hypnotherapy forwards.

Now, I freely admit I'm nuts about animals. In one of my other jobs, I'm lucky enough to come across a lot of beautiful animals. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to them, but that's another story! (@patients_pets should you be interested!)

Reluctantly, I'm naming Peanut as the official mascot of Blue Light Hypnotherapy. Peanut is my Jack Russell. If anyone suffers with stress and anxiety, I can pretty much guarantee Peanut would make it ten times worse. She is the worst dog on the planet. She barks at EVERYTHING. Vacuuming? Barking. Wiping surfaces down? Barking. Cleaning windows? Barking. Other dogs? Don't even go there. We haven't survived a trip to the park for almost 7 years.

I consider it a significant achievement that I can have this dog in my life, and remain calm, relaxed and peaceful. She will not break me, despite her best attempts. I can overcome anything she throws at me.

On the other hand, she is devilishly cute, don't you think?

She is an exception to the rule on animals. Aside from Peanut, I'd say that the contact with an animal can be incredibly therapeutic. It's been proven that stroking a cat or dog can reduce tension, release dopamine and serotonin, and reduce cortisol and adrenaline production. On an ambulance call-out last week I had German Shepherd pups chewing at my hands, and I still loved it!

So this is Peanut, proudly standing as the exception to the animal rule. She will feature in further posts I'm sure!

Oh, and button your coats up folks - winter starts this week!

Peace and love (and barking)

Kevan (and Peanut)

Blue Light Hypnotherapy

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