hypnosis/hypnotherapy: common myths

Hypnotherapy is NOT:

  • religious, mystical or spiritual

  • mind control

  • magic

  • voodoo

  • witchcraft

  • the work of the devil


(seriously, I have been asked these things)

Hypnotherapy is NOTHING like stage hypnotism. There is no link at all.

Many times I've been asked "can you make someone cluck like a chicken?"

No, I can't, and why would I?


My job is to be your therapist, not a stage entertainer.


As my friends and colleagues will tell you, aside from being pretty clumsy and frequently dropping things, I'm not very entertaining.


But with over 20 years' experience in clinical practice, I'm very

good at helping people to get better. 

Hypnotherapy is therapy - it's to help you and it's not a form of entertainment.

I don't have a pocket watch, your eyes will not start swirling at any point, and you will not start speaking in a slow monotone voice.


Hypnotherapy is about as mystical as me giving you antibiotics for a chest infection or applying a plaster cast to your fractured wrist - it's a therapeutic intervention like any other.

There is no chance you will 'remain stuck in hypnosis.' Hypnosis is not an altered state of consciousness. When hypnosis is over, you may feel very relaxed, but you will always come out of hypnosis. It's a bit like deep sleep; no matter how deep the sleep is, you always wake up.

Hypnotherapy is not something I 'do to you.' You won't sit back, go to sleep and wake up reprogrammed, all 'fixed' with all your problems gone. It would be great and really easy if that were possible, but it isn't. We will simply use hypnosis as part of our work towards achieving your goals in our sessions together.

If you have a problem we will need to work on it - the emphasis being on "work!"