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What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is:

  • proven to be effective for many conditions and situations

  • a way for you to make positive changes in your life

  • a skill you can easily learn which will benefit you for years to come

  • natural and drug-free

  • pleasant and relaxing

  • completely harmless

If you have been hypnotised before, you will know that it is a simple and natural process that anyone can be taught. I don't believe there is a 'hypnotic trance' or altered level of consciousness involved. I do not 'put people under' or take over control of my client's mind. This is not how hypnosis works. It's more scientific than that, and it's actually quite simple.

Hypnosis is a bit like a very vivid daydream. Have you ever been driving on a motorway, or sitting on a train, lost in thought, and before you know it, 20 minutes have passed and you don't remember the last 20 minutes of your journey? You didn't lose control of the car and you weren't unconscious on the train. You were fully alert and ready to respond to what was going on around you, but your attention had shifted just slightly, from your surroundings to your inner thoughts.

Hypnosis is simply a natural focused mindset through which I help you to relax deeply and focus your attention on what I am saying to you ('hypnotic suggestion'). There's nothing mystical or spiritual about it. It's a scientifically-proven therapeutic technique and it's surprisingly easy to master.

Hypnosis can be very pleasant and relaxing but like mindfulness, it is an exercise in achieving focus in order to get you to your goals. I may be able to help you to relax, but hypnosis is more than just relaxation.

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