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LAS Discount - last few weeks!!!

Hi folks

I know I put this on the Facebook/Twitter pages already, but just in case you haven't seen:

Up until 31st May 2022 I am offering a substantial discount for all staff employed by London Ambulance Service.

I have run this promotion before, but financial pressures caused by my injury last year meant that I couldn't keep it running indefinitely. I WISH I could, but sadly I need to make a little bit of income in order to continue doing this.

So - just to clarify - instead of the usual £75 per session, I will be offering sessions for just £50 for any member of London Ambulance Service staff up until the 31st May 2022. The discount will apply to the entire course of therapy (usually 4-6 sessions). So if you book a course of therapy up to and including 31st May, you will receive the discount on every session, even if the sessions run up until the end of July.

Why the LAS, you may ask? Well; since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been doing a lot of freelance ('bank') work on front-line ambulances. It has reminded me of how special LAS staff are. Not to diminish the skills of any other NHS staff, but there is something very special about LAS staff; a very special quality that many staff have that I've never seen anywhere else in the NHS. It goes neyond kindness and empathy. I'm not sure I can even describe the quality - it's just something special. LAS staff are a very special group of people to work with. If you work with them, you'll know what I mean.

This offer does not just apply to LAS clinicians - it applies to managers, EOC (control) staff, staff in scheduling, training, vehicle prep - as long as you have a valid ID card which says 'London Ambulance Service' on it, you're eligible.

Please share this post across any LAS sites or people you know. I am passionate about working with LAS staff - they are a large proportion of my client base. As a specialist paramedic practitioner (urgent care) myself I am in a unique position to be able to empathise certainly with some of the work-related issues you face. I don't know of many other therapists who also work as paramedics; I'm sure there are some, but none I know of personally. Most of my therapy clients are front-line LAS staff, and I've had a lot of success working with these clients, in particular around the issues of stress, anxiety, confidence and self-esteem problems.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, then browse the website and get in touch.

If you're unsure if I can help, I offer FREE initial assessment sessions, so you can get to know me and what I do, and I can get to know you and the issues you are facing. If I can help you I will say so - however if it is outside my area of expertise, I will also let you know; I will recommend the skill set of the practitioner I feel would be most qualified to treat your issues, and there will be no charge from me.

Needless to say - anything we discuss will NOT be shared with the LAS - I run o completely confidential service.

Make sure you get in touch quickly, as there's only a couple of weeks left on the promotion!

I look forward to working with some more of you in the future.

All the best

Peace and love -


Blue Light Hypnotherapy

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