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Blue Light Hypnotherapy is currently closed to new clients for a very short period of time.

Everyone needs some time sometimes. That includes therapists. We're not all superhuman, unfortunately. Everyone has periods of upheaval in their lives, and it's important to take time out to reflect and rebuild. We can't help and support others when we're running on empty ourselves, and when I see clients I want to give 100%. I need to be on form for that.

So I'm just spending some time recharging and doing some front line ambulance work. Some might say that's an unusual way of rebuilding oneself, but for me it's getting back to what made me go into the caring professions in the first place. Working with patients in emergency situations helps to refuel and revitalize me. Shame about the 15 hour shifts, in the January weather, and the pay could be better, but - it works for me.

I'll be back very soon so watch this space.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. See you soon.


Blue Light Hypnotherapy

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