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FREE Guide To Living With Anxiety & Worry

I hope you're all doing well and you're coping well with the unprecedent changes that have affected the way we're living our lives these days. For some of us these changes can be really liberating and inspiring - unleashing previously unknown creative skills and giving us a chance to stop, reflect and meditate on life as we knew it and know it now.

But for some they can be really unsettling. Many people need stability and routine in their lives, and the temporary loss of that can increase anxiety levels.

If you're feeling unsettled and at a loss for what to do, or if you feel that all your stability is gone - rest assured - you're not alone. There are millions of people around the world who are feeling the way you are right now.

This will be over eventually. I don't know when - I'm no expert. But the way you are feeling now will not last. Everyone has the power within themselves to change the way they respond to negative thoughts and feelings.

One great positive to come out of this situation is that so many people are coming together and producing self-help information which can be freely shared - which is what I'm doing today.

The amazing Dr Matthew Whalley and Dr Hardeep Kaur at Psychology Tools have produced this guide which is available in multiple languages and is freely shareable. I hope you find it useful.

Stay strong everyone.

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