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COVID-19 service update

Good afternoon everyone. I hope it's a beautiful day wherever you are - it is in South London at the moment. There's a lovely clear blue sky, lovely soothing and healing sunshine, breathing life into our trees and plants, and the air looks fresh and clean. Still a bit chilly, but it's only March.

(Sunlight/ultraviolet light kills viruses, by the way...)

As we're all becoming more aware, the rules for shops, businesses and services are changing on a daily basis. Blue Light Hypnotherapy is no exception and I will be taking every necessary precaution and following best practice guidelines as always.

Last week it was pretty much business as usual. Given the changes announced at the weekend, and the Government advice of last night, we are now in lockdown.

Health care (my other job) carries on as normal, albeit it with as little face-to-face contact with patients as possible. My colleagues in the NHS are doing an amazing job in difficult circumstances. Some organizations are going the extra mile to support their staff at this difficult and uncertain time. I hope we will remember those who have.

But it's hard and it takes its' toll. Personally - by Friday I will have worked 28 days out of the last month. I'll need to take a little bit of time and I plan to have at least this weekend off and see how things go next week.

But - and I stress - I will ALWAYS reply to enquiries. There might be a short delay, so if you don't here from me straight away, it's not that I'm ignoring you, I promise - it's likely I'll be working clinically. Or sleeping heavily.

Everyone is affected by this, and everyone has to look after themselves mentally. Therapists aren't invulnerable, but we do tend to have coping mechanisms.

Following Government advice, I am not currently seeing clients face-to-face, so I will be arranging Skype/FaceTime consultations. This is not something I've ever done before, and I'm not the most computer literate. But I will do my best. Apologies if you end up talking to my feet.

If everything is getting too much for you and you need to see me, then you still can. Just via your computer screen or your phone. Drop me an email and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.

Look after yourselves, all of you.

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