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Blue Light Hypnotherapy

Blue Light Hypnotherapy will be closing down in Summer 2024.


After this time I will be dedicating my time to my job in A&E, where I work as a specialist paramedic practitioner.


I will remain a registered therapist, at least until September, and I will still see clients at least until that date.

About Me

I'm Kevan Laybourn and I'm a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

I am passionate about, and specialise in, helping front line NHS staff with stress and anxiety. I have seen the pressures first hand, and I understand.

 I have extensive experience working with Ambulance Service clinicians (and non-clinicians) and NHS nursing staff. 

My background is in pre-hospital, urgent and emergency care.

I have 25 years of clinical experience.

In my many years in the NHS I have seen so many colleagues (as well as patients) suffering from stress and anxiety. I've seen just how difficult this makes their lives and their ability to care for others as well as themselves.

Although I shall be focusing on helping patients and clients via NHS urgent care from 2024, I may still take on occasional private clients for 1:1 therapy up until the end of the summer. After this time, Blue Light Hypnotherapy will close down.


I am no longer taking on any more work for corporate clients/organisations.


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